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The Tyrant Husband Has Changed

The Tyrant Husband Has Changed



Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Manhwa


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You’re reading The Tyrant Husband Has Changed, a wonderful manhwa.

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Idris was forced by her family to marry the tyrant Grand Duke.

She was not loved by her family because she was an illegitimate child, but she continues to have an uneasy marriage with Khalid, the tyrant.

Then one day, Idris, who was stabbed on her vital point, let Khalid end her life, hoping that she’ll still live.

When she woke up, she came back in the past, precisely on her wedding day.

But Khalid, who has never laughed before, said all sorts of sweet nothings and laughed saying that he’d do anything for her.

Suddenly my tyrant husband…has changed!


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