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The Emperor’s Dog

The Emperor’s Dog



Ongoing 1 Chương

Hari, who died in an unexpected car accident, had come to her senses after being reincarnated into a completely different world. Was she the daughter of the emperor? Hari, who opened her eyes with a throbbing heart, was in shock. I’m a dog? A dog that can talk, too? And it gets worse! I was the hunting dog of a cruel emperor who exterminated his own relatives to ascend to the throne. Now that it’s done, I have to find a way to live. The only thing this little doggy could do with her body was… “I’ll pay you back if you raise me, Your Majesty!” “Alright, I’ll take you.” “That’s a great choice, Your Majesty. You’ll never regret it!” Goodbye to my self-esteem— A dog’s way to utmost power… that’s the route I’ll take! My second life will be as the Emperor’s adviser and potential successor. Until the day of death!

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