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Pure White Elizabeth

Pure White Elizabeth



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I became the heroine. Elizabeth Lily, a strong and beautiful heroine with special powers at that. But the road to the flowery path is too rough. Being enslaved, brainwashed, and abused… However, the hardships of the heroine in the original novel are still far away. I’m going to die before I even meet the male lead! In the end, she made up her mind. She decided to change the original novel by being saved by the hands of Ashuelot, the supporting character, the evil, and dangerous magician. However. “Alright, I’ll raise her.” “Are you serious? Ashuelot, do you know what it means to raise a child?” “You take full responsibility for their diet, educate them, protect them safely, and if she’s gonna get married, you’re gonna have to thoroughly verify her husband and get rid of him.” No! That’s not true!


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