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Life Going Wild With Plug-ins

Life Going Wild With Plug-ins



Drama, Comedy


Ongoing 92 Chương

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Creator’s word:
This is an Age where ordinary people can create their own world. (Just image that you enter a game world). Our main character, well, the one on the comic cover accidentally creates one. As the creator of this comic, I haven’t yet drawn a specific profile for him at the very beginning, so I replaced it with this simple image temporarily.
*See the banners!
In short, mc inadvertently created a world, but as the creator of the world, he did not know the world at all. He should have lived here like a fish in the sea with some plug-ins that mcs always have. But now he is even stumped by the bugs in the instant world.
Luckily, in this world he has found his shadow guard, or his lover? So the daily adventure is getting not so boring…