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Kiss made, Ato 1-byou.

Kiss made, Ato 1-byou.



Romance, Shoujo, School Life


Ongoing 60 Chương

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He said he’d stop one second before we kiss… So why are we really kissing right now!? My first kiss is on stage performing a play……! We’ve been friends since we were kids, and Izuru’s always bossing me around. I have to write the script for our school festival play, which is a relief because at least I can steer clear of Izuru, who’s playing the leading role of the prince…… But on performance day, the princess gets sick, and I have to take her place! I’m dreading the final kissing scene. We’re just supposed to pretend, but now… our lips are… touching…! I know it’s Izuru… but he looks like a handsome prince, and… he’s actually kinda hot……