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Hui xi yi’s love contract

Hui xi yi’s love contract



Ongoing 148 Chương

You’re reading Hui xi yi’s love contracta wonderful manhwa.

Manhwa is how Korean comics are called. You can see the webtoon trend is very popular but it is Korean manhwa.

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Ordinary staff Qiao Xiyi went home and bumped into her boyfriend and her half-sister. When she was heartbroken, she ran to the bar to get drunk, hooked up with a very cold and handsome Mr. Niu Lang, and spent three thousand to buy him. One night, I didn’t want that Cowherd to be the president of my company. Faced with the martyrdom of men and women, the president helped her to rescue the rescue team again and again, and the relationship between the two changed gradually. Adapted from Nanxun’s novel “Promotion of Love: Uncle Uncle”.