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Grandest Wedding

Grandest Wedding



Ongoing 168 Chương

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His newly -married wife is a thief with spending as her favorite.”I’d like to buy villas. Seven!””Sure, do it!”“I‘d like to buy some sports cars.””Sure, do it!””I’d like to date with other men with my villas and sports cars.” The man’s eyes flashed and carried he away on his shoulders.”Stop it,honey! How do you pay me back since I rescued your life?”

The bride is a thief who’s the biggest spender in town. Sports cars, luxury condos, you name it! How will she repay her husband who saved her life…?

In the middle of a business exchange, company president Xiao Jue’s ordered asset gets snatched away by a secret agent. Luckily, Xiao is fast on his feet and reveals the agent’s identity.

Young agent Xinxin goes back home from her failed mission, unaware that Xiao has taken interest in her skills.

With a clever bait, Xiao lures Xinxin again to steal from him, but this time he offers her an assistant job. Xinxin greedily accepts, and her missions with Xiao Jue begins. Wait a minute, what IS Xiao Jue’s business after all, and why is he always under attack?