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General, I’ll Be Your Concubine

General, I’ll Be Your Concubine



Fantasy, Historical, Romance


Ongoing 2 Chương

The Grand General of Cheon Won-guk gets proposed to by the troublemaker prince? The head of the illustrious family that has held military power in Cheon Won-guk for generations, Hwang Bo Ikseon is a talented Grand General that wins every battle she fights. During a party to celebrate Ikseon’s victory, the Emperor mentions an engagement to the prince, but Ikseon rejects him immediately. However, at the peak of the party, Prince Unha, often called the headache of the imperial family, strikes. Unha tells Ikseon that he fell for her, begging her to marry him, and even goes to announce that he will become her concubine. “I, Prince Unha, announce that from this moment onwards, I will become Grand General Ikseon’s concubine.” The unpredictable romance of Grand General Ikseon and Prince Unha, who swore to become her ‘concubine’

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