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Ongoing 42 Chương

You’re reading Dictatorship, a wonderful manhwa.

Manhwa is how Korean comics are called. You can see the webtoon trend is very popular but it is Korean manhwa.

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It was inevitable that they’d meet by chance.


He’s a desert,
a violent beast,
and the Sultan’s heir, someone more important than everyone else and yet still acknowledged by nobody.

He owns her for one year, but is trying to keep her forever.

“Friedrich Dürrenmatt once said, ‘It is only in love and murder that we still remain sincere.’ Since you’re still alive, does that mean I love you?” says the man that’s done with playing hide and seek, Ashan.

“Oh my, that’s a scary confession. There isn’t anything in the contract about having to spend the night here though,” says the woman trying to escape, Seoyoon.