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Be the Bad Boss’s Man

Be the Bad Boss’s Man



Drama, Comedy


Ongoing 107 Chương

You are reading Be the Bad Boss’s Man, a top webtoon that you should discover. This series has boys love genre. If you are approaching this new genre for the first time, do not worry because this genre is gradually gaining popularity among many readers. In addition, webtoon Korean has produced many series in this genre.

A boys’ love story with an innocent, sweet but a little stupid aura. The all-around good student, Christoph Sherman got acquainted with a punk, Chet June because of a fight and fell for him at the first sight. Due to a variety of reasons, Christoph Sherman became the boss of a gang called the Seaflower Crew, and Chet June became his assistant. Let’s lead the Seaflower Crew to forcibly occupy… No! Reorganize the Thai town.